a Why for Change

Diets, Eating Plans, Supplements, Surgery. When it comes to losing weight our mindset is to drop it quick because ‘I have a _______________ in 6 weeks‘. This is a goal for an event, a moment in time. A Why is different. A Why is a decision to change and it’s much more powerful than a goal.

For some of you, reaching a goal is as easy as adding extra workouts to fit into the dress you bought for a wedding before you gained those pesky 5 pounds. For others, it’s not that simple. Losing weight feels like a life sentence and for every failure, you become more defeated. A quick fix may work for a moment, but true change comes with success and it is driven by your Why.

So your first step is to know your Why. What things are important to you in your life? Your Spouse? Your children? Do you want to be able to go out on a beautiful day like today and hike for 2 hours? Or ride a bike? Or go to the beach? Everyone’s Why is different.

Once you become clear on where you want to take your health and Why? Then everything you do from that point becomes a step to getting there, a journey.

What’s your Why?

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