Get Your Health in Rhythm: Tip #1

Make it easy on yourself.

Are you always forgetting something that interrupts the Rhythm of your day? Did you leave your planned meals at home as you rushed out the door?

Always have an MRFK (Mobile Readiness Food Kit) & Water with you. Keep 1 in your car, at work in your desk, or in your purse. Getting stuck in an endlessly busy day without water or food will not only cause your blood sugar levels to crash, igniting sugar/carb cravings, but your stress amplifies when your body is starving, and you become too cranky to deal with it. Even if it’s a Power Crunch bar in your purse, remember to have something to carry you through to your next meal.

**Here’s a hint to make it super easy, get 3-4 of the Camelbak type water bottles, they’re easy for on the go, just flip the top and drink.


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