Greek Yogurt

Wow! June got away from me and not a single post. Sorry folks, it was a busy month. However, today I got a little inspiration from a discussion in my Pilates class and thought I’d get the facts straight and share them with you.

What IS the difference between Greek Yogurt and regular? Does it come from Greek cows?

Well, no. The differences stem from the process in which Greek Yogurt is created (and I’m guessing this process is what is used by the Greeks for their yogurt, but that’s a guess, don’t quote me on that.) You see, Greek yogurt is strained. The straining process removes some of the salts and sugars, AND liquid whey making it creamier and thicker and most importantly, higher in PROTEIN than regular yogurt.

Greek Yogurt is lower in fat and probiotic-rich as well. As far as lactose intolerance is concerned, if you only have a mild intolerance, Greek Yogurt is a good option because of the removal of the sugars. The lactose is the sugar, and is the cause of discomfort for those individuals. The live cultures help to convert whatever lactose is left into lactic acid, making it easy for the body to absorb it. If your case is more severe, you might have discomfort eating Greek Yogurt so go carefully.

However, if you have no issues, enjoy it! It’s good for you and it’s versatility makes it a great option to use as a sour cream substitute, like in dips!

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