Kale Chips Experimental

My daughter’s friend offered me some store bought kale chips. By the snarl in her lip I could tell she didn’t like them and wanted my opinion. Not very tempting. “Are they good?”
“Not really. I thought they would be but I’m a little disappointed.” 
I didn’t chance it, but the idea intrigued me a little so I googled a recipe. 
Super simple but I wasn’t sure what seasoning to use. What would compliment kale? 
Hence the experiment. Three flavors. 

Sea salt. Olive oil. Lemon. That was my favorite pick. I would make these again.  
Sea salt. Olive oil. Lemon. Cumin. My daughter and her friend liked these best.
Sea salt. Olive oil. Lemon. Cumin. Turmeric. These were awful. 
So, give it a try. If you are dedicated to your wellness, they ware surely worth a shot as a healthy alternative to regular chips. 
Here’s how it’s done. I stripped the kale off the stems, broke it up into small potato chip size pieces. Washed it. Dried it. Tossed it in a bowl with the EVOO and seasonings. Spread out on a stone. Baked for 20 minutes on 400. Cooking time may vary depending on your oven and pan. Don’t be afraid to try it while it’s cooking. 

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