The Number 1 Rule of Healthy Eating? If You Don’t Know What it is…Don’t Eat It!

So you’ve decided to give up Gluten, you want to go Vegan and you’re concerned with products that have GMO’s. Nutrition is a mine field to maneuver through when you’re trying to do the right thing by your body. Manufacturers don’t make this any easier on us. Believe me, I’m a label reader and what I don’t understand I Google. The more I learn, the more I’m appalled at the wool being pulled over the consumer eyes.

Here’s a good example. This product is made by a company that’s family owned… ahhhhh, warm fuzzy feeling. It’s comparable to Doritos, but it claims to be made from Beans and Rice… that must mean it’s a complete protein, right?…and there it says 4g Protein, right on the bag with that handy little arrow letting me know that that chip I’m about to eat has not only Protein, but Fiber too! Even better, they’re ‘All Natural’, ‘Gluten Free’, ‘Corn Free’ ‘Non-GMO Project Verified’ AND the one that hits it home for most, ‘Vegan’… oh happy day, they must be really good for me!

Let’s get one thing straight. These are a processed food. A combination of ingredients, flavored and shaped into resembling a processed food that no one on the planet should consume. All the marketing all over the front of the package may sell it to some, but for me it’s a huge red flag. They’re overselling it, why, because it’s a processed food that metabolizes to sugar and gets stored as fat in your body. That in and of itself is why, if you are trying to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, you should not eat these or any other processed food.

A look at the list of ingredients on the back read okay until they got to the ‘Flavoring’. This is where they get you my friends. They have to make sure it tastes good so you’ll keep buying them, or better yet, eat all 6 servings in one sitting (840 calories) and believe me, they’re flavored with a list of ingredients that you would not recognize, are highly questionable and 1 of which is Lactic Acid, which came up on my NO CORN list only yesterday. Digging a little deaper, I found that according to ‘The nutrients of GM plants that are used for the production of lactic acid are not subject to a labeling requirement.’  Interesting. So even though it’s NON-GMO Verified, it may contain an ingredient that may contain GMOs but are not required to label it as such.

Confused? Good. Let me make it easy for you. Vegan or Not. Gluten Sensitive or Not. Trying to lose weight or not. Don’t eat processed foods. Once in a while, I’m not going to tell you no. I did have to try one of these, for you guys. (I did it for you.) For the most part, 90% of the time, just eat real food. The way nature intended. Fresh, clean, organic, single ingredient, real food.

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