My Sedona Green Juice

Green Juice With Celery

Along my travels, it was hard to find Juicing options that were real, organic, and balanced. Even here in Southern California, I find that juices are just tossed together, more-so for their flavor than for their balance and health benefits. When we were in Sedona, I was looking for a place to grab a sandwich for the road. Nothing we found seemed easy and portable and when we found a sandwich shop, the sandwiches looked awful and were ridiculously priced, but right next to the sandwich shop there was a juice shop. I was overjoyed as I looked over the menu for a balanced juice. Balanced should be at least 70% veggies and less than 30% fruit. Of the 5 juices on the menu, only one would keep my blood sugar from skyrocketing. The rest were all sugar sugar sugar.

I was skeptical because I very much dislike the smell and taste of celery, in spite of the amazing health benefits, but I needed it so I sucked it up and ordered:

2 cups Kale
2 medium cucumbers
3 stalks of celery
1/4 of a pineapple

I was pleasantly surprised. The pineapple cut the taste of the celery. My body was grateful. I left Sedona with a smile.


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