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My Sedona Green Juice

Green Juice With Celery

Along my travels, it was hard to find Juicing options that were real, organic, and balanced. Even here in Southern California, I find that juices are just tossed together, more-so for their flavor than for their balance and health benefits. When we were in Sedona, I was looking for a place to grab a sandwich for the road. Nothing we found seemed easy and portable and when we found a sandwich shop, the sandwiches looked awful and were ridiculously priced, but right next to the sandwich shop there was a juice shop. I was overjoyed as I looked over the menu for a balanced juice. Balanced should be at least 70% veggies and less than 30% fruit. Of the 5 juices on the menu, only one would keep my blood sugar from skyrocketing. The rest were all sugar sugar sugar.

I was skeptical because I very much dislike the smell and taste of celery, in spite of the amazing health benefits, but I needed it so I sucked it up and ordered:

2 cups Kale
2 medium cucumbers
3 stalks of celery
1/4 of a pineapple

I was pleasantly surprised. The pineapple cut the taste of the celery. My body was grateful. I left Sedona with a smile.

What Now? Juicing.

After taking a hiatus (since July), I’m finally back. Sorry my peeps. I had a rough road from last summer until the end of the year, but the light is shining brightly at the end of my tunnel and I plan on making this a regular occurrence again.

So my first topic is what I’ve been up to. Although I haven’t been writing about my adventures in Nutrition, I have still been practicing. Constantly educating myself and talking to people. Lot’s of workshops have occurred and what I’ve learned is that there’s so much more to learn.

My latest adventure is now Juicing (no not steroids). Fresh abundant, organic vegetable and fruit sources. No I guess the thing that has always steered me clear of the whole juicing thing is the extremist mentality. I had a visual in my mind of every meal being sipped through a straw and losing the benefits of fibrous foods as well as the joy of actually eating, not to mention drinking something green was a huge turnoff. Nope. I made up my mind, and I can be very stubborn, Juicing was not for me.

Then some things occurred over the past few months. The first was my daughter, now a beautiful and wise 22 year old, who took years for me to wean off fast food. As she got older her tastes changed and fresh healthy abundant food that was always available in my kitchen started to have its appeal to her. Now she makes me proud and the day she threw some kale, spinach, apples, bananas and celery into my Ninja I was a little stunned. Where did she learn this? I don’t grind up my food to liquid? How could that possibly taste good?

She swore up and down that it tasted fine, it just looked weird. I raised my right eyebrow up in disbelief and refused to even try it. Stubborn. Like I said.

Well a couple of weeks ago while going through my Netflix Library of Food documentaries, I came across a gem, “Hungry for Change”. After watching this movie I decided to try Juicing, not as my whole diet, but as a supplement to my food. So here’s what I threw together (a tactic I got from my daughter)

4 Cups Kale
2 Cups Spinach
2 Cups Coconut Milk
2 Small Apples
1/4 Pineapple
4 Oranges
1 Banana

I split it with my good friend Maryam. What it breaks down to is this:
Less than 300 calories
6g Protein
3g Fat
72g Carbs – the good kind, don’t panic
320mg Calcium
1700mg Potassium

Not to mention all the other Nutrients and antioxidants in these fresh organic vegies an fruits. What I felt immediately was ENERGIZED and CLEAR HEADED. Not bad for supplementing with my regular food. I’m sold. Will start posting regular recipes soon and I’m going to start saving up for a real Juicer. My Ninja just isn’t going to cut it. 

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